The AOC and PrecisionOS Announce their Exciting New Partnership

The Academic Orthopedic Consortium (AOC) and PrecisionOS proudly announce the establishment of a Corporate Partnership, marking a significant milestone in advancing surgical education and training. Under this agreement, PrecisionOS assumes the role of AOC?s newest Research & Education Leadership Partner, introducing cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) experiences to enhance surgical training for medical professionals.

PrecisionOS emerges as a definitive leader.

In response to the dynamic landscape of surgical training, characterized by technological advancements and a shift towards competency-based residency programs, PrecisionOS emerges as a definitive leader. Through its integration of immersive VR simulations with established educational principles, PrecisionOS spearheads a transformative approach to physician training. These lifelike experiences not only augment skill acquisition but also mitigate time and cost constraints.  This provides an affordable, accessible, and scalable option for surgical training programs.

The AOC?s mission is to propel and enhance the national academic musculoskeletal arena by freely disseminating best practices spanning business strategies, leadership methodologies, educational paradigms, clinical innovations, and research insights to its elite national academic member community.  As part of this effort, it regularly engages in due diligence with those companies in the orthopaedic MedTech space to evaluate strength of fit of the Medtech company?s value propositions in light of AOC member needs.

?Surgical Training is an essential part of Orthopaedic Residency and those of us who have spent our careers in Orthopaedics understand just how costly and inefficient cadaveric training can be. During our rigorous due diligence of PrecisionOS, we were blown away not only by the technology but also by the affordability and how easily the platform can be scaled. Their technology has been embraced by many academic medical centers nationwide. This partnership with PrecisionOS as an important sponsor underscores our dedication to advancing surgical education and elevating patient care standards,? remarked Michael R. Gagnon, MBA, Founder & CEO, Academic Orthopaedic Consortium.

PrecisionOS CEO and Founder, Dr. Danny Goel, affirmed the commitment to transformative learning, stating, ?At PrecisionOS, our mission is clear ? to revolutionize medical knowledge and skills acquisition. Through this collaboration with the Academic Orthopedic Consortium, we embark on a journey to effect meaningful change, ensuring the next generation of orthopedic surgeons are equipped with unparalleled expertise.?

About AOC:

The AOC shares best practices in business and leadership across the academic missions to its membership community of 5,400 Orthopaedic Chairs, Vice Chairs, Chiefs, Program Directors, Residents & Fellows, Chief Administrative Officers, and Clinical Operations Managers across 170 University-affiliated musculoskeletal enterprises and 60 Health Systems. For more information on the AOC, please visit or contact Patrick Duffey at or 609-636-2637.

About PrecisionOS:

PrecisionOS é líder de mercado global em educação cirúrgica baseada em realidade virtual baseada em evidências para o setor de saúde. Profissionais de saúde em vários programas de residência, sociedades profissionais e empresas de dispositivos médicos prefira os módulos PrecisionOS porque eles melhoram a transferência de conhecimentos e habilidades. Múltiplo, ensaios independentes publicados confirmam que os participantes que usam a plataforma PrecisionOS se tornam cirurgiões mais confiantes e qualificados. PrecisionOS tem afiliações colaborativas com mais de 70 importantes programas globais de residência e bolsas onde a plataforma está sendo usada em mais de 60 países em todo o mundo. Saiba mais em 

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Roberto Oliveira
Chief Creative Officer, PrecisionOS