Delivering on the promise and potential of virtual reality training.

PrecisionOS brings medical-grade, interactive virtual reality (VR) experiences to surgical training for physicians.

Mission and vision

Surgical training programs are unable to keep up with the rapid introduction of new technologies, the trend toward competency-based rather than time-based resident training and the increasing cost of traditional training. PrecisionOS was founded to address those gaps in surgical training by combining proven educational principles with realistic, lifelike experiences through VR simulation. The vision of PrecisionOS is to forever change the way physicians acquire knowledge and skill, at a fraction of the cost and time.


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The PrecisionOS platform delivers a lifelike experience that recreates what surgeons face in a real operating room. It includes human anatomy, surgical instruments, medical devices such as orthopedic implants and the operating theater itself. The realism extends to the freedom of movement and autonomous decisions that surgeons face in the actual OR — as opposed to other scripted simulations that guide the surgeon’s hand.

Research and development

Our training modules for shoulder, spine, hip and knee arthroplasty and knee arthroscopy are actively used by leading medical institutions or are nearing release. PrecisionOS is also pursuing the use of its VR technology for preoperative planning and simulation of case-specific surgery, for which we will seek FDA 510K clearance. The technology is adaptable to all surgical modalities used in orthopedics including open surgery, arthroscopy and robotic surgery.

International outreach

PrecisionOS has partnered with SIGN International to extend the leading edge of fracture care to the developing world. SIGN is a not-for-profit organization that donates orthopedic education, implant systems and the required surgical instruments to surgeons in developing countries. This first-of-its-kind partnership will allow SIGN Fracture Care to launch efficient anytime, anywhere VR training in the 53 countries they serve.

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