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The most high-fidelity virtual reality platform for Surgeons to practice specific procedures.
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Surgical Immersion

Increase surgical precision using performance metrics.

Users receive robust metrics and assessments to facilitate tangible performance improvements.

Gain operating room experience, anywhere.

Our modules recreate the operating room, giving users access to surgical practice anytime, anywhere.

Bring focus to your learning experience.

Precision OS modules demand attention and focus from the user, creating a more active and effective surgical learning experience.



We simulate real-life experiences — from minor complications to critical mistakes — empowering surgeons to reach peak performance through real-time feedback.

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Use Cases

Educational Modules

Custom virtual educational modules provide a powerful medium for surgeons and trainees to make decisions, evaluate their outcome and repeat, improving their surgical skill through practice volume.

Preoperative Planning

The Precision preoperative tool enables surgeons to upload complex, peri-articular fractures to structure a pre-planned approach to their case. They are then able perform virtual surgery and analyze the resulting data.


Danny P. Goel, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Goel is a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon whose practice includes all aspects of arthroscopic and reconstructive shoulder surgery.

Colin O'Connor

Chief Technical Officer

During his 23 years in the video game industry, Colin shipped over 16 AAA products across 11 gaming platforms and has worked closely with large publishers like Microsoft.

Roberto Oliveira

Chief Creative Officer

As a veteran developer in the video game industry, Roberto has hard-won experience in crafting cutting-edge visuals using the latest technology.

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“AMAZING – a learning tool that will allow more efficient and safer training, which will certainly improve overall patient care around the globe. Inspirational!! High quality and well done.”

Augustus D. Mazzocca, M.S., M.D.
Director of the UCONN Musculoskeletal Institute
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
University of Connecticut
Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

"This is going to change the game on how we educate residents."

Mark E. Morrey, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon at Mayo Clinic

"The Precision OS experience masterfully guides the user through critical building blocks required for skill development by combining real world variability, surgical technique sequencing, and intraoperative decision-making. Further enhanced by purposeful sound, tactile feedback and an unparalleled "wow factor" in surgical VR."

Jeremy Kerr, Director of Sales Ondine Biomedical
Veteran surgical sales rep/trainer/educator

“We have arrived. The future is now. Precision OS’s game changing VR technology has filled an important gap in the mastery process allowing for deliberate practice, productive failure and preoperative planning with colleagues and mentors. Look out, this is the real deal!”

Adam Hughes
Senior Director - Sales

"This clearly is going to be an essential technological application to surgical practice and will be an incredibly powerful tool. It can be interfaced with navigation systems to allow more precise real-time surgery. Surgeons have the ability to learn techniques without putting the patient at risk. Finally, the ability to extend this type of technology into areas of our world that are underprivileged, from a medical resource perspective, gives them a chance to develop technique they would never have a chance to otherwise – improving the overall care of underprivileged populations."

Bernard F. Morrey, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon at Mayo Clinic

"Game Changing.
The potential for Precision OS to take off and change countless lives for the better is real and the limits could be boundless."

Bruce Carruthers, ConmedSenior Director - Marketing

"Surgical Skills training in a non-operating room environment will become increasingly critical for residents in Orthopaedic Surgery to obtain the skills they need. As cost continues to come down and technology improves I believe that simulation through Virtual Reality will increasingly be a part of our skills educational programs."

Dr. JL Marsh, MD
Department Head Professor and Carroll B Larson Chair
Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation - University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

"Virtual reality has the potential to positively impact and advance the way surgery residents are trained by offering more frequent and in-depth operating room experience. We are looking forward to exploring this technology and introducing the Precision OS platform to our residents and fellows."

Dr. Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD
Professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic

"The next generation of surgeons will have to learn advanced skills and decision-making with limited time for their training. Virtual reality offers an impactful way to create value by improving surgical skill and reducing errors. Precision OS will deliver value to all stakeholders in healthcare: educators, industry, hospitals, insurers, and patients. The timing of such a technology could not be more perfect!"

Dr. Jon J.P. Warner, MD
Founder of the Boston Shoulder Institute, New England Shoulder and Elbow Society

"VR training is the way of the future. It will enhance patient care by having a more skilled and well-prepared surgeon. The software and training unit of Precision OS is brilliantly put together and is a major advance for our residency and fellowship training program!"

Dr. Peter MacDonald, MD
Professor and Head Section of Orthopedics at the University of Manitoba

“The technology within PrecisionOS far exceeded my expectations. As a pediatric orthopedic surgeon,  I was able to practice a particular portion of a common operation I have found challenging, and with the immediate feedback was able to improve my technique within minutes. The ability to practice an operation for either training,  learning new technology, or pre-op practice of a particular case is immeasurably valuable. Precision OS was easy to learn, fun to use, exceptionally accurate and will undoubtably be the future of surgical education and practice.”

Dr. Brent Weatherhead, MD FRCSCPediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Clinical Instructor, UBC Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Medical Director, RebalanceMD

"As an experienced Trauma surgeon, I have seen the learning curve for learners change for many years. This new technology can really help shorten this curve and make learning Trauma surgery quicker and safer for the patients."

Dr. Richard Buckley, MD FRCS
Former Head Orthopedic Trauma
Professor, University of Calgary

“Virtual Reality represents a technological advance that will be revolutionary in the training programs for surgical residents as well as in the pre-operative planning phase for surgeons at any level of skill or experience. The seemingly limitless potential that comes with this technology will empower residents and surgeons alike, and is sure to enhance the care we give to our patients.”

Dr. Paulose J. Paul, MD
Assistance Clinical Professor, Division of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Alberta
Edmonton Zone Clinical Lead for Orthopedic Surgery

"Being able to practice a surgery as many times as I want, and being able to see what I'm doing right and wrong immediately has led me to feel far more confident when I enter a real operating room. Free time is very limited as a resident, and having the ability to practice anywhere in an interactive, efficient, and fun way lets me learn and not feel overwhelmed."

Dr. Ryan Lohre, MD
PGY3 University of British Columbia

”Working with virtual reality for a spectrum of orthopaedic surgeries demonstrated a valuable learning modality for people who learn procedures best with hand-on experience.  This well structured, interactive process with responsive feedback throughout will bring value to learning procedures for surgeons of all levels and comfort with technology.”

Dr. Mark Steeves, BSc BEd MD FRCSCOrthopaedic Surgeon, University of Ottawa
Foot and Ankle reconstruction fellowship preceptor.

"I believe Precision OS technology will significantly enhance the surgical education of residents and staff in the future."

Dr. W D Regan, MD FRCSCAssociate Professor, Department of Orthopedics, University of British Columbia
Division head: Arthroscopy, Joint preservation and Reconstruction

“The 'realism' of Virtual Reality has advanced tremendously in recent years.  I think this technology holds significant potential in surgical simulation training for surgical residents, both now and in the future.”

Dr. Chad Coles, MD FRCSC
Associate Professor of Surgery, Dalhousie University

“I am very excited about virtual reality surgical training development . Through virtual reality training, orthopedic residents and surgeons in rural areas and in countries with limited resources can access updated surgical experience for even the most complicated procedures, without the cost prohibitive need for travel abroad or for hands-on cadaver workshops. Virtual reality promises to change the way we do training and to help improve and standardize the quality of surgical healthcare in even the poorest countries.”

Dr. Alaaeldin (Alaa) Azmi Ahmad, MDPediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Associate Professor, Orthopedic Department, Annajah Medical School, Palestine
Secretary General, World Orthopedic Concern (WOC)

"As it becomes increasingly challenging to provide a high standard of operative teaching, a tool such as VR is a hugely valuable addition to the way we educate the next generation of surgeons and ultimately to the way we ensure optimal patient care."

Dr. Ruth Delaney, FRCSFounder, Dublin Shoulder Institute
Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, University College Dublin

“In my practice, I could see this being a very useful tool in pre-op planning of complex fracture reconstructions and could be used to improve residents’ understanding of complex three-dimensional injuries.”

Dr. Geoffrey Wilkin, MD FRCSCOrthopaedic Surgeon Practising in Orthopaedic Trauma & Hip Preservation Surgery
Assistant Professor, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Ottawa

"The use of virtual reality allows young trainees and older experienced surgeons to train, to improve and to plan complex cases ahead in an immersive way which is close enough to the reality to have a real clinical value. This is only the beginning and there is absolutely no doubt that this is the future of surgical training."

Jean-David Werthel, MD, MSOrthopedic Surgeon
Paris Shoulder Unit
Hopital Ambroise Paré, Boulogne-Billancourt, France

"Orthopedic surgeons should be using virtual reality for complex procedures like the DA approach to shorten their learning curve."

Medical Device Executive

"Using your VR training modules will take our pre-existing sales training program to the next level."

Medical Device Executive

"Your VR technology will create a community within each company, were people feel engaged, excited and a part of something special."

Medical Device Executive

"Cadavers are expensive and hard to get! Your technology will help us reduce our medical education expenses."

Medical Device Executive

"Your pre-operative planning tool will allow orthopedic surgeons to more effectively plan for complex procedures, which in theory should translate to better outcomes for patients."

Medical Device Executive

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