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Traditional training is not up to the challenge of educating today’s surgeons- enter virtual surgical training.

Surgery residents are getting less hands-on experience than ever, and it’s affecting their confidence and autonomy. A significant percentage don’t feel ready to independently perform core procedures upon residency completion,1 and over 90% opt for an additional fellowship year. In an effort to address this, The American Board of Surgery (ABS) recommended “rather than increasing the quantity of cases, we should be increasing the quality of teaching both clinical and procedural skills.”2

The lack of access to high-quality surgical education is also affecting medical device companies. In an era of rapidly advancing technologies and procedures, training is often a rate-limiting factor. Current training approaches vary in effectiveness, and are not helping to address cost, and, most importantly, surgical mastery.

Virtual Surgical Training Solutions for Residency Programs.

Immersive experiences surgeons can see, hear and feel.

PrecisionOS offers a modular virtual surgical training design incorporating proven learning theories to support competency-based training initiatives. Using accurate simulations that recreate actual OR experiences in surgical training simulators, it creates a depth of understanding by bridging the gap between actual pathology and imaging for true case-based learning. Learn about our VR curriculum which seamlessly integrates virtual reality into surgical training.

Residency Program Solutions

Solutions for Medical Device Companies.

Scalable, cost-effective virtual reality surgery training to help speed device adoption.

Deliver more cost-effective and accessible training on demand, anywhere, anytime. Augment existing bioskills training with high-fidelity VR to train more surgeons, faster. Our real-life accuracy can also help bring your device to life and improve surgical confidence and readiness, giving you a competitive edge in all phases of your device rollout.

Medical Device Companies Solution

Medical Device Companies Solution Empowering surgeons, inspiring precision.

Step into the virtual OR and see the future of virtual surgical training.

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In The News

Virtual Surgery Simulator

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The future of virtual surgical training and education is here.
Find out how Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence are changing how surgeons learn.


1 Annals of Surgery. 266(4):582–594, OCTOBER 2017
2 American Board of Surgery. Competency Based Education: Quality over Quantity. January 2018.
3 Spine Intervention Society Lumbar Bio-Skills Lab. 2019
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5 Mattar SG, Alseidi AA, Jones DB, et al. General surgery residency inadequately prepares trainees for fellowship: results of a survey of fellowship program directors. Ann Surg. 2013 Sep;258(3):440-9.