Cost-effectively scale training to improve reach and adoption.

Current training strategies use a mix of methods, which makes training surgeons on new devices expensive and difficult to accomplish at scale.

PrecisionOS has partnered with leading orthopedic companies to scale training, reduce cost and speed the adoption of new implants and procedures by offering VR Learning in Medical Device Companies. In addition to surgeons, their sales representatives benefit from PrecisionOS training by helping them gain confidence and expert knowledge of the devices, instruments and procedures so they can be an indispensable resource to the surgeons they support.

Accelerate Your Team with our VR Training Platform

“The PrecisionOS experience masterfully guides the user through critical building blocks required for skill development by combining real world variability, surgical technique sequencing, and intraoperative decision-making. Further enhanced by purposeful sound, tactile feedback and an unparalleled “wow factor” in surgical VR.”

“Orthopedic surgeons should be using virtual reality for complex procedures like the DA approach to shorten their learning curve.”

“We have arrived. The future is now. PrecisionOS’s game changing VR technology has filled an important gap in the mastery process allowing for deliberate practice, productive failure and preoperative planning with colleagues and mentors. Look out, this is the real deal!”

“Using your VR training modules will take our pre-existing sales training program to the next level.”

“Game changing.
The potential for PrecisionOS to take off and change countless lives for the better is real and the limits could be boundless.”

“Your VR technology will create a community within each company, were people feel engaged, excited and a part of something special.”

“Cadavers are expensive and hard to get! Your technology will help us reduce our medical education expenses.”

“Your pre-operative planning tool will allow orthopedic surgeons to more effectively plan for complex procedures, which in theory should translate to better outcomes for patients.”

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