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Over 50% of Canadian Orthopedic Residency Programs Adopt PrecisionOS Virtual Reality Platform

Over 50% of Canadian Orthopedic Residency Programs Adopt PrecisionOSTM Virtual Reality Platform

PrecisionOS, the global leader of evidence-based immersive virtual reality surgical education, is now working to integrate their training curriculum into more than 50% of Canada?s orthopedic residency programs. Developed in Vancouver in collaboration with surgeons, the medical grade training programs enables residents to solve real problems, repeat procedures, and improve techniques in a risk-free environment before operating on a patient.

“This milestone is a turning point in Canadian orthopedic education,” remarked Dr. Davide Bardana, MD, Program Director at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. “By continually working to integrate PrecisionOS into our resident training, we provide learners with a dynamic platform simulating real-world clinical scenarios. This hands-on approach fosters proficiency and confidence, ultimately enhancing patient care.”

In clinical studies, residents who have trained on the PrecisionOS platform make 50%[1] fewer errors. PrecisionOS has also been shown to promote up to 570%[2] faster learning times for trainees. Residents use realistic VR simulations to hone their 3D spatial skills, refine surgical techniques, and develop critical decision-making abilities in a realistic, risk-free environment.

?Immersive virtual reality technology has emerged as a potent tool for enriching medical training, offering interactive experiences that complement traditional teaching methods,? says Danny Goel, MD, CEO of PrecisionOS ?From Vancouver to St. John?s, Newfoundland, the decision to adopt VR technology reflects a collaborative effort among medizinische Einrichtungen to embrace impactful and innovative educational tools. We?re excited about this monumental leap in shaping the future of orthopedic surgeons’ training and the collective commitment to innovation and excellence in orthopedic education nationwide.?

PrecisionOS VR simulations offer residents experiential learning and provide immediate feedback and guidance as they navigate the largest library of complex orthopedic procedures. This practice can be carried out anytime and anyplace through the convenience of an affordable Meta Quest virtual reality headset.   “We’re excited to continually integrate PrecisionOS into our orthopedic residency curriculum,” stated Dr. Fay Leung, MD, Program Director at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, BC.

“PrecisionOS presents residents with a validated, cost-effective and comprehensive training solution across a spectrum of orthopedic scenarios, revolutionizing orthopedic education.”

In a statement addressing the integration of PrecisionOS into the University of Manitoba orthopedic residency program, Dr. Peter Macdonald, Chief Research and Innovation Officer, Medical Director at Pan am Clinic and Past President of the COA and ASES,  emphasized the importance of adapting education to meet the needs of the current generation of learners. “We recognize the necessity to evolve our educational approaches to match the learning styles of this new generation of residents. By embracing innovative technologies like PrecisionOS, we can tailor our training methods to accommodate their preferences and ultimately enhance their educational experience.”

Dr. Goel sees the collaboration with Canadian orthopedic programs as emblematic of the evolving educational landscape, “This level of adoption reflects a shift towards dynamic, technology-enhanced learning. By embracing VR, we’re not just improving orthopedic education; we’re part of a broader movement towards personalized, experiential learning that meets the needs of today’s learners. It’s a testament to innovation driving better outcomes for both students and patients.”

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