The Age of Amazement

PrecisionOS Technology to showcase VR innovation at TED 2018

PrecisionOS Technology will attend TED2018, along with local companies ArchiactCognitive 3DLlamaZOOZiva Dynamics, and Finger Food Studios, and represent BC’s VR/AR industry to an international audience.

This year’s theme, The Age Of Amazement, focuses on the positive changes that the future holds. In an era where politics, racism and tensions are running high, TED2018 will be focusing on the good. From technological advancements to social change.

The attending companies represent VR/AR innovation in entertainment, gaming, healthcare, education, and analytics. Together they demonstrate the wide-reaching applications for VR/AR technology and how it is improving the professional capabilities for business across diverse industries. VR/AR products are being used to increase efficiency, improve safety, and lower costs.

Read the official press release on the VRARA website.

PrecisionOS Technology is a software company positioned to positively impact Orthopedic surgery with their high-fidelity VR software platforms. Our focus on the critical elements of surgery, haptics, and metric feedback provides for an unparalleled educational experience. In addition, our pre-operative planning tool eliminates the trial and error associated with fracture care through an immersive interaction with patients’ images.

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