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PrecisionOS Trains More Than 300 Medical Device Representatives in 30 minutes Using Virtual Reality

More than 300 medical device reps completed the company’s virtual reality surgical training module

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, February 6, 2020 — PrecisionOS Technology, developers of the medical-grade learning platform that advances surgical readiness, announced today that it carried out the first-ever and largest virtual reality training event of its kind for medical device representatives.

Held Jan. 22-25, the event brought together more than 300 medical device representatives who simultaneously accessed the training modules. PrecisionOS was pleased to collaborate on the event with one of its most trusted partners in the medical device space.

“Our educational approach has always been to deliver content that includes and goes beyond the implant,” said Dr. Danny Goel, , a practicing orthopedic surgeon and Chief Executive Officer, PrecisionOS. “When considering how best to influence care and the transfer of appropriate knowledge to care providers, we must think along different models of education. Given these representatives are relevant members of the operating room team, equipping them with advanced skills, implant comprehension and support capabilities efficiently and effectively is critical during multi step implantation of devices.”

The PrecisionOS training uses the mobile Oculus Quest platform and can be completed anywhere and anytime while standing or sitting. Participants on the PrecisionOS platform can complete this multistep procedure in less than 30 minutes.

The virtual reality educational modules built by PrecisionOS provide a much-needed alternative to the time-intensive and costly exercises associated with traditional training. Historical training for healthcare providers including device reps resorted to flying to cadaver labs, listening to lectures, utilizing non-interactive training sessions via tablet and learning on-the-job during actual cases. Overall, this method can take weeks to months to become proficient.

Despite the consistent use of these methods, studies have proven them to be less effective in the area of knowledge retention and skill transfer. Further, on-the-job learning presents significant risk variables which can influence patient outcomes and delay adequate support for complex procedures.

‍The PrecisionOS technology puts patient safety and outcomes back into the center of training, which both medical device reps and surgeons desire and appreciate.

After comparing and analyzing its method of training with those that have been traditionally used, PrecisionOS found learning occurred 570% faster with its approach in senior orthopedic surgical residents.

This landmark study, scheduled for publication in the coveted Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American) in the coming weeks, met the prestigious journal’s rigorous peer-reviewed standards for research.  A major strength of the study was the research collaboration with the Canadian Shoulder and Elbow Society (CSES).

Virtual reality imparts an unmatched level of contextual learning by improving understanding, technical skills and surgical readiness. The PrecisionOS modules supply its users with deliberate practice that is time and cost effective on a global level

“Considering the high stakes, effectively educating all members of the patient care pathway ensures we have the greatest chance to positively impact outcomes,” said Dr. Goel. “Our primary tenet is to be patient-centered and provider-focused. This is part of our culture and vision to deliver advanced education around the world.”

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About PrecisionOS

PrecisionOS was founded by a team of clinical orthopedic surgeons and game developers to create the most relevant and applicable medical-grade-VR-simulation™ experience. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and backed by the prestigious AO Foundation, the company’s mission is to provide first-in-class orthopedic surgical training on a global scale. Given its focus on surgical education, PrecisionOS is a CME provider through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the only scientifically validated, peer-reviewed and published immersive virtual reality product on the market. It has been tested among its end users and customers resulting in business relationships with some of the top orthopedic companies and societies in the industry.