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PrecisionOS Launches First Fully Interactive Robotics Platform in VR

PrecisionOS Launches First Fully Interactive Robotics Platform in VR

Award-winning simulation company, introduces Robotics surgical education in a portable VR solution

VANCOUVER, BC, May 19, 2021. In what is likely the most advanced surgical training solution to date, PrecisionOS, developers of the medical-grade virtual reality (VR)™ learning platform, has announced the global launch of the first-ever fully interactive robotics platform in VR. Used with a portable headset—the Oculus Quest—the PrecisionOS virtual reality surgery training offers a rapid, cost-effective way to educate an entire surgical team in robotics..

“Not only is traditional robotics training a complex and costly endeavor,” says PrecisionOS Founder, CEO and Orthopedic Surgeon Danny Goel, M.D, “but published research has demonstrated that on-boarding and training times are a substantial barrier to robotics adoption with learning curves reaching up to 35 cases. This equates to months of on-boarding, which depending on your volume of surgical cases, may have direct implications to patient care”.

Typical surgical education involves flying surgeons, residents, and sales reps to a facility with a robot, which is not only costly, but occurs weeks to months prior to the first case rendering the education somewhat ineffective.  PrecisionOS has recreated a responsive and dynamic robotics scenario including the robot, set up and calibration with active cameras, actual software interface and a virtual patient for the most in-depth and interactive robotics training experience available in virtual reality.

With competency-based resident training increasingly the norm, medical education programs and healthcare facilities need a reliable way of rapidly conveying new information and assessing trainees as they move through the skills acquisition process. Using the pioneering virtual reality medical simulation offered by PrecisionOS, all OR personnel can be trained on robotics technology at the same time, ultimately minimizing on-the-job learning situations that have the potential to affect patient care.

In the event that a surgeon is at another location, they can access and collaborate together in the same virtual operating room anywhere in the world via an Oculus Quest. “Providing access to high quality education is our mandate at PrecisionOS,” stated Dr. Goel. “We are proud to address a significant need in the robotics industry while connecting educators to learners in a convenient and cost-effective way.”

About PrecisionOS

PrecisionOS was founded by a team of clinical orthopedic surgeons and game developers to create the most relevant and applicable medical-grade-VR-simulation experience. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company’s mission is to provide first-in-class orthopedic surgical training on a global scale. Given its focus on surgical education, PrecisionOS is a CME provider through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a scientifically validated, peer-reviewed and published immersive virtual reality product on the market. It has been tested among its end users and customers resulting in business relationships with some of the top orthopedic companies, leading institutions, and societies in the industry.