PrecisionOS Unveils Resident Advisory Board:   Future Surgeons Contribute to Education of the Future 

VANCOUVER, BC, June 22, 2022. PrecisionOS®, a clinically tested virtual reality surgical training platform, has announced 8 new members to its Resident Advisory Board comprised of distinguished surgical residents from universities across the globe.   

 The PrecisionOS Resident Advisory Board represents future surgeons who will bring the educational needs of surgical students to the forefront as PrecisionOS continues to propel surgical educational innovation. “This new PrecisionOS student Resident Advisory Board will help us advance student educational needs,” says PrecisionOS Founder, CEO and orthopedic surgeon Danny Goel, M.D. “These specially chosen resident advisory board members will also help us develop content and provide a better understanding of the challenges to overcome in surgical education so graduates of surgical residencies can become more confident and capable surgeons.”   
The eight new members are:  

  • Liana Tedesco, MD, Columbia University Irving Medical Center  
  • Jay Levin, MD, Duke University School of Medicine  
  • Giscard Adeclat, MD, Yale School of Medicine   
  • Marcelo Teixeira, MD, Santo Antônio Hospital  
  • Christopher Antonacci, MD, University of Connecticut 
  • Johnathan Lex, MD, University of Toronto, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery  
  • Micah Nieboer, MD, Mayo Clinic, College of Medicine and Science  
  • Jayd Lukenchuk, MD, University of Calgary Cummings School of Medicine  

Members of the Resident Advisory Board are enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the development of Virtual Reality (VR) and surgical education. “I am truly excited to be part of the PrecisionOS Resident Advisory Board,” states Dr. Liana Tedesco, a surgical resident at Columbia University, Irving Medical Center. “As a resident, I have seen where the gaps are and feel VR technology can help fill them. I cannot wait to work with the team on the forefront of new surgical education tools.”   
The PrecisionOS simulation offers tailored surgical learning modules supported by learning science and validated in high profile medical journals. A research study in JAMA Network Open1 found a nearly 50% reduction in surgical errors when surgeons trained with PrecisionOS. The researchers also concluded that PrecisionOS training reduced the learning curve by up to 50 cases, substituted nearly an hour of actual surgical time, and is at least 34 times less expensive than traditional learning methods.  
Surgical resident at Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Jay Levin considers PrecisionOS to be “at the forefront of virtual reality technology in orthopaedic surgery education,” and asserts that its technology “allows wholesome preparation for complex procedures, from relevant anatomy to the step-by-step, implant-specific techniques required to obtain successful patient outcomes. I am particularly excited to collaborate with PrecisionOS to aid the growth of virtual reality in surgical education as an everyday tool for case preparation and orthopedic knowledge acquisition.”  

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About PrecisionOS   
PrecisionOS was founded in partnership with clinical orthopedic surgeon educators and an expert group of XR developers to create simulation training for practicing surgeons, residents, and surgical device representatives. Participants using PrecisionOS modules engage in a realistic operating environment, alone or in collaboration with other trainees anywhere in the world, test their knowledge and desire to try alternate approaches, receive instructive feedback and repeat procedures until achieving proficiency. With PrecisionOS Invision™ , a patient-specific planning tool, the company is expanding into the provision of next generation products for preoperative surgery, simulation training and education.  

PrecisionOS is based in Vancouver, BC, with collaborative affiliations with more than 40 major medical institutions in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s software is being used in more than 55 countries and 700 cities globally.   
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