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World-renowned UC Professor Richard E. Mayer Joins PrecisionOS Scientific Advisory Board  

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—January 19, 2022PrecisionOS, has retained Richard E. Mayer, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, to join the company’s Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr. Mayer will provide advice concerning scientifically based instructional design for the company’s virtual reality (VR) training modules for surgeons. 

World-renowned for his contributions to the field of educational psychology, Dr. Mayer specializes in research-based principles for multimedia learning. Dr. Mayer focuses on creating training design that helps participants develop skills and retain what they have learned. He concentrates on the intersection of 1) cognition, such as learning to solve problems from multimedia interactive simulations, 2) instruction, such as learning in computer-supported environments with mobile devices and in virtual reality and 3) technology, such as in the use of computer games. 

“Professor Mayer is a world expert in instructional design,” Danny Goel, M.D. and CEO, PrecisionOS, said. “He has been working with us on a consulting basis and has now agreed to a more significant level of involvement. His input will continue to enhance the design of our immersive training courses, which prevent skill decay among practicing surgeons and train residents to perform the various procedures required of surgeons.” 

Dr. Mayer has served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on numerous federal grants. He recently worked with the Office of Naval Research to investigate how to improve the effectiveness of education with the National Science Foundation to study students’ learning and problem-solving strategies. 

“I’ve become interested in the challenge virtual reality, with its 3-D environment, has on how people learn and retain knowledge,” Dr. Mayer said.  “We’ll be looking at how to optimize  PrecisionOS’ training modules to be sure they maximize surgical training and assure retention of skills.” 

Ranked #1 as the most productive educational psychologist in the world in Contemporary Educational Psychology, Dr. Mayer has also authored more than 500 publications, including numerous books on education and multimedia. Additionally, he serves on the editorial boards of 12 journals whose major focus is in educational psychology. 

About PrecisionOS 

PrecisionOS was founded in partnership with clinical orthopedic surgeon educators and an expert group of XR (virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality) developers to create simulation training for practicing surgeons, residents and surgical device representatives. Participants using PrecisionOS modules engage in a realistic operating environment, alone or in collaboration with other trainees anywhere in the world, test their knowledge and desire to try alternate approaches, receive instructive feedback and repeat procedures until achieving proficiency. With InVision, a patient-specific surgical rehearsal and planning tool, the company is expanding into the provision of next generation products for preoperative surgery and simulation training and education. 

PrecisionOS is based in Vancouver, BC, with collaborative affiliations with more than 40 major medical institutions in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s software is being used in now more than 40 countries and 600 cities globally. For more information please visit

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