Peter at AWE 2019

Why I Chose PrecisionOS and What I Learned in My First Year Working in Tech

by Peter D. Coffaro

As a 25-year veteran from the medical device industry, I am often asked, “How did you get into software?” I have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest medical device companies in the world. These include Johnson and Johnson, Zimmer Biomet, and Stryker. As a Sales Manager, Branch Manager, and Distributor, I was privileged to work with some of the most talented and hardest working people in the industry. Many of those sales associates have become lifelong friends. I have always enjoyed teaching and mentoring, even when my sales teams have grown larger than 50 people. Throughout the progression of my career, I maintained that intrinsic passion of wanting to learn and teach. This is when I met our CEO and Founder, Dr. Danny Goel (Danny). We had a very casual conversation at the AAOS 2019 and for those that know him, understand his calm and humble demeanor. We clicked instantly and things moved quickly towards my current role as VP of Sales and Marketing.

As I became part of the PrecisionOS culture, several critical segments were apparent. Working for a software company has been a unique experience for me. Even though I have over 25 years of healthcare experience, my sales background has become a valuable resource. I am often encouraged to share my opinions and thoughts and as Danny always says, “Everyone’s opinion matters”. The culture in our office is fun and laid back, but respectful. We work hard, and are passionate about what we do, but also know how to have fun. A core pillar of our company is to think of the patient first. Everything we do rests on the foundation of “How will this benefit the patient?”. A second pillar is to validate our technology through high quality and peer-reviewed studies. Our software is backed by science, technology, and clinical research. Over the last year, we have successfully published a (JBJS) landmark study and have a second one on the way. This study has laid a strong foundation for us to build upon while several more research projects are underway. As someone from the healthcare space, I understand the importance of both quality science and technology.

Another core pillar, of our company, is to build strong partnerships with orthopaedic societies and institutions. These societies help drive new digital technologies, like virtual reality. The valuable guidance we receive from their leadership helps us make well-informed decisions about our future products and company strategy. Before COVID-19, PrecisionOS, in partnership with AO Spine, was going to host the first-ever cadaver-less training course for surgeons at the Global Spine Congress, in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, the course was canceled due to the pandemic; however, we plan to reschedule this for 2021.

A third core pillar, of our company, is to use our immersive VR technology to improve surgeon training in developing countries and to raise the standard of care for all people in the world, regardless of socioeconomic barriers. I am proud to work for a company that cares about people and wants to make an impact on public health.

During the pandemic, we have been having virtual happy hours on Friday’s at 4:30 pm. It has been a cool experience and has allowed me to get to know my coworkers in a deeper and more personal way. One of the computer engineers is a gifted musician and has performed for us on multiple occasions. It has been a great way to adjust to our new normal over the last several months.

Our company is built on honesty, integrity, and constant innovation while keeping the patient in the center of each product we build. Technology permeates everything we do at PrecisionOS. If you enjoy learning and want to bring real value to the orthopaedic community, a job at PrecisionOS may be in your future.

Wishing you continued success.


Peter Coffaro

VP of Sales and Marketing


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