Medical Sales College Now Offering PrecisionOS VR Training for Orthopedic Surgery 

CHICAGO—April 6, 2022—Medical Sales College is now offering PrecisionOS® Virtual Reality (VR) training modules for orthopedic surgery procedures to young professionals interested in a career in medical device sales. 

The 12 week Medical Sales College curriculum includes VR surgery procedures for spine, extremities, trauma and sports medicine. Students also learn how these surgeries impact a patient’s anatomy, pathology, biomechanics and bodily functions. The PrecisionOS training modules offered also cover several implants and devices in the market. 

“These students and future medical device representatives are critical members of the surgical team. As a patient centered company, we want to ensure each and every patient is surrounded by the highest quality team in the operating room,” Danny Goel, MD and CEO, PrecisionOS, says. “The virtual learning and the remote collaboration feature of our modules offers young medical device professionals a chance to educate themselves around anatomy and implants at their discretion.”

PrecisionOS has the largest data set on the impact of virtual reality on surgical device representatives(SDR’s). In a study of nearly 300 SDR’s learning a complex revision knee procedure, 99% preferred this model of learning compared to traditional methods. They reported  they could apply the knowledge immediately to the operating room and would recommend it to their colleagues. 

Graduates of the Medical Sales College have been shown to have a 97% success rate in aligning with new positions within a year after graduation. 

“It was clear to us from the beginning the impact PrecisionOS training would have on our students,” Rich McKillop, Chief Commercial Officer Medical Sales College, said. “VR is an impressive technology and adding the company’s surgery training modules provides the options for us to teach remotely.” 

Medical Sales College is the only licensed and regulated college in the world with an emphasis on medical device sales education. The College specializes in placement of a non-traditional candidate (no device experience) with leading medical sales industry employers. 

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