PrecisionOS Expands into General Surgery: Teams up with Medtronic Saudi Arabia to Launch VR Training for Soft Tissue Procedures on Meta Quest  

VANCOUVER, British ColumbiaMay 5, 2022—PrecisionOS® has expanded its virtual reality (VR) training offerings into general surgery, teaming up with Medtronic Saudi Arabia. The company, a leading provider of surgeon education, is offering training for this complex soft tissue surgery on a portable VR solution, the Meta Quest. 

“Medtronic was interested in exploring our team’s capabilities in VR training for an extremely complex procedure known as the sleeve gastrectomy,” explains Danny Goel, MD, surgeon and CEO, PrecisionOS. “Our training module permits soft tissue simulation with error assessment. It’s a real achievement in terms of technical and surgical training and we are extremely excited about having accomplished this.” 

PrecisionOS continues to advance the use of VR into more areas of surgery with high quality training that is portable and can be used to train multiple participants at once as well as speeding up training time for residents, surgeons and medical device representatives. 

All training modules on the PrecisionOS platform encourage trial and error and permit individual decision making, allowing the learner to try different approaches to each procedure — a critical differentiation from competitive VR solutions. The platform provides technical and performance feedback until the procedure has been correctly done and the learner feels confident about performing the procedure in the operation room on a live patient. 

The training module will be showcased with Medtronic for the first time at the IFSO meeting in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, May 12-14.   

About PrecisionOS 

PrecisionOS is a leading provider of virtual reality surgical training for the medical industry.  Socieities, universities and medical device companies prefer PrecisionOS modules because they improve the transfer of knowledge and skills. Multiple, independent trials published in medical journals confirm that participants using the PrecisionOS platform become better, more confident surgeons. PrecisionOS has collaborative affiliations with more than 50 major medical institutions in the U.S. and Canada and the company’s technology platform is being used in more than 50 countries globally. Learn more at

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