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PrecisionOS and ISHA Partner to Bring VR Training for Hip Surgery to the Global Stage    

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—April 26, 2022—PrecisionOS®, a leading provider of surgeon education, today announced a strategic partnership with ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society, a premiere international society for education and research in arthroscopic hip surgery, hip preservation and hip rehabilitation with over 600 international members from surgical and rehabilitation disciplines. The partnership will help surgeons worldwide gain access to virtual reality (VR) hip surgery training, vastly improving outcomes for patients. 

The commitment PrecisionOS has made to producing high quality, readily accessible hands-on surgical simulation using VR has resulted in an increasing number of partnerships with leading professional societies such as ISHA, as well as numerous medical institutions and medical device companies.  As the company continues to advance VR simulation, medical institutions are recognizing the value VR brings to surgical education, vastly reducing costs and speeding up training time for surgical residents, as well as refreshing practitioner skills when new surgical techniques and devices are introduced. 

“We are privileged to partner with ISHA,” says Danny Goel, M.D., surgeon and CEO of PrecisionOS. “With our immersive VR training modules for hip arthroscopy, ISHA will be able to provide advanced training and education for a broader global audience of surgeons who will see improved performance proficiency and reduced complications.” 

PrecisionOS’ modules have been scientifically validated, peer reviewed and published in leading medical journals. In fact, published research studies highlight that learning efficiency with PrecisionOS’ training modules has been demonstrated to be as high as 570% while reducing critical errors by 90%. The modules also provide a Precision Score, a personalized and validated assessment that has demonstrated in the studies how trainees will perform during actual surgical procedures. 

“PrecisionOS offers the premier VR educational software, which dramatically impacts training and education,” says Tony Andrade, MB BS, FRCS and immediate past-president, ISHA. “We are excited to partner with such an industry leader in VR hip arthroscopy. Surgeons are increasingly accepting and using VR and the PrecisionOS platform offers a real-life, completely immersive experience that permits error in trial and provides real world interactivity. It also allows multiple surgeons, even in different geographic locations, to be trained at the same time.” 

The PrecisionOS training modules encourage trial and error and permit individual decision making, allowing the user to try different approaches to the procedure. Rather than simply showing trainees how to do a procedure, and having them repeat it over and over, PrecisionOS modules encourage learners to first attempt the procedure on the basis of their classroom or practice experience – a critical differentiation from competitive VR solutions. The platform then provides technical and performance feedback until the procedure has been done correctly and the learner feels confident about performing the procedure on a live patient. 

Current ISHA president, Professor Allston Stubbs, MD, MBA, commented, “The ultimate beneficiary of this 21st century VR technology is the hip preservation patient who will see lower surgical complications and superior surgical outcomes from surgeons experienced in VR training.  ISHA is delighted to strategically align its educational mission with PrecisionOS to deliver innovation that promotes mentorship, constructive feedback, and real-time learning.” 

PrecisionOS will be showcasing VR at ESSKA April 27-29, 2022 in Paris and with ISHA at its Annual Scientific Meeting October 13-15, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. 

About PrecisionOS 

PrecisionOS is a leading provider of virtual reality surgical training solutions for the medical industry. The company’s immersive platform enables hospitals, universities and medical device companies to train medical residents, medical device representatives and practicing surgeons more effectively while improving the transfer of knowledge and skills. Multiple, independent trials published in medical journals confirm that participants using the PrecisionOS platform became better, more confident surgeons, leading to improved patient outcomes. PrecisionOS has collaborative affiliations with more than 50 major medical institutions in the U.S. and Canada and the company’s technology platform is being used in more than 40 countries globally. Learn more at

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