PrecisionOS Selected as Finalist for VR Healthcare of the Year Award at the 6th International VR Awards, 2022

The countdown to the 6th International VR Awards is on for innovators and pioneers who are driving the VR Industry in 2022. PrecisionOS is honored to have been selected by the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) as a finalist in the VR Healthcare category.

As a VR Healthcare of the Year Award finalist, PrecisionOS is being recognized for creating a surgical training module specific to the needs of SIGN Fracture Care, a global non-profit humanitarian organization focused on improving orthopedic fracture care in low-resource countries. PrecisionOS addressed the problem of expensive surgical training through the development of an immersive education software platform powered by an inexpensive and portable virtual reality (VR) headset, The Meta Quest.

With PrecisionOS’ Virtual Reality SIGN IM Nail & Interlocking Screw System module, SIGN Fracture Care can now free up precious resources, enabling them to move more rapidly towards its goal of creating equality in fracture care around the globe. By using the PrecisionOS module to educate local surgeons to render care for patients in their home communities, SIGN Fracture Care can build much-needed sustainable orthopedic capacity and improve the quality of life and longevity for people in low- income countries around the world, including Cambodia, Ethiopia and the war-ravaged Ukraine.

PrecisionOS’ modules permit individual decision-making, allowing the trainee to try different approaches to the surgical procedure, and giving them performance and technical feedback until they are comfortable performing the procedure. The training modules encourage trial and error—a critical difference from competitive VR solutions.

The International VR Awards were founded by AIXR on the principle of celebrating outstanding achievement in virtual reality and each year they recognise innovators and pioneers who are driving the VR Industry. To see the full list and more information can be found here.

About PrecisionOS  
PrecisionOS was founded in partnership with clinical orthopedic surgeon educators and an expert group of XR developers to create simulation training for practicing surgeons, residents and surgical device representatives. Participants using PrecisionOS modules engage in a realistic operating environment, alone or in collaboration with other trainees anywhere in the world, test their knowledge and desire to try alternate approaches, receive instructive feedback and repeat procedures until achieving proficiency. With InVision, a patient specific planning tool, the company is expanding into the provision of next generation products for preoperative surgery, simulation training and education. PrecisionOS is based in Vancouver, BC, with collaborative affiliations with more than 50 major medical institutions in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s software is being used in more than 60 countries and 700 cities globally.

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