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PrecisionOS Partners with CONMED International Following Major Breakthrough in Portable Arthroscopy Education using Virtual Reality

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, August [26], 2020 — PrecisionOS Technology, developers of the Surgical Mastery Platform™, announced today the details of a major breakthrough in basic and advanced fundamentals of arthroscopy training. The company has created the first-of-its-kind arthroscopy simulator available on a mobile, wireless device (Oculus Quest) which will also be used by CONMED International for surgeon educationm.

PrecisionOS Announces Professor Carla Pugh as Haptics Advisor

Carla Pugh

Pugh, Professor of Surgery and Director of the Technology Enabled Clinical Improvement Centre at the Stanford University School of Medicine, joins the renowned PrecisionOS team to help refine training through their Simulation Virtual Reality Platform.

PrecisionOS Software Platform Expands to Train Orthopedic Surgical Nurses

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Ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19 demonstrate the opportunity and need for hospitals and nurses to adopt procedural training through a virtual reality platform VANCOUVER B.C. (June 23, 2020) – PrecisionOS,  developers of the proficiency-based medical-grade virtual reality™ learning platform for surgeons, announced today their expansion into orthopedic surgical nurse training. Following the increased demand for…

Examining the rise in orthopedic surgery patient claims

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The Nuances of Numbers “Medicine’s distinction is that lives are lost in those slim margins” To appreciate the value of perfectionism in medicine, one only needs to consider the difference between 99% and 99.5% success rates. This marginal half-percent represents entire human lives. It means that for every 1000 individuals receiving treatment, five people won’t…

The Virtuous Circle of Value for Surgeons

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Michael Porter thinks the healthcare system is transforming into a system based on value rather than services. At Clinical Congress 2018, he urged attendees to “be leaders in this transformation, rather than be dragged along.” He believes such a transformation is necessary because healthcare costs are unsustainable: they’re rising faster than GDP and income in most developed…

Surgeon Education: The Reality of the Future is Virtual

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Surgeon Education Surgeon training is a significant undertaking for both the learner and the teacher. To first do no harm, trainees spend countless hours learning to become competent and safe. The means to this end however has significant limitations. The cliché of see one, do one, teach one grossly oversimplifies the acquisition of a surgeon’s skill,…